Wednesday, 22 January 2014


# 1  On - your - toes!

Be alert. Watch out! Accept the fact that there's millions of people on social media - good and bad.


Know who to connect with and make sure you're doing the right thing. Superman is not gonna come to the rescue if you mess it up! :P


See! :O I told you! You can never figure out who's who on social media :D
You must look INTO other people, as well as, AT them...

# 2  Time  it!

Don't keep flooding your wall with all possible updates or tweets. Yes, it's good to post but that doesn't mean you need to be sitting and staring at your device and wondering what to say next! 


Time your posts regularly. Make sure other people's notifications are not just about you.


Oh come on! Let's grow up folks! People will not be happy by listening to you all the time. It's just going to make them lose the interest and run away :P Now tell me, do you really want that?

# 3  Connect!

That's the key to great social networking. P.A.R.T.I.C.I.P.A.T.E. That doesn't mean you can barge in and spam someone's wall just because they're on your friend list. NO! Know when to talk and make sure you let them talk in the conversation. Keep in touch with people you know.
Don't be a loner! Connections do matter


# 4  Know  your  Meme!

Ever heard about something called the halo effect? It's totally worth knowing. But before that, it's activity time! :D

You go to a restaurant. The ambiance is freaking awesome! What'll be your instant impression?
OMG! The food's gonna be great!
Uh-oh! It's gonna be expensive!
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No matter what your answer is, "Your First impression will far and by, be the Best impression!" Might be a cliche, but it's totally true. It's the first time you're visiting the place but you still manage to form an opinion in a fraction of a second.
The major way that people judge you is driven by the instant           impressions they form about you.

That's called the halo effect. They may hardly know you but they form a strong impression that might be hard to change (Unless you're too luck or born with a silver spoon :P) So make sure to project yourself the right way in social media. What you say will reach millions in a flash!


Oh mu god! This guy must be a douche! (Maybe | Maybe not) Why give people the chance?

# 5  Be  You!

What's more BE[YOU]TIFUL than being Y.O.U? Don't fake it. An original is worth a lot more than a copy [Yeah! we stole that from somewhere ;)] 


Uh-oh! Poor guy! :D Its still okay. No matter what ~ how people are or what they say must not affect you unless it's right.

The secret to do that is to concentrate more on your character than your reputation. Don't let anything rule over who you really are. Just do what really matters to you and as long as you know its right, don't look back.
There are a thousand people out there who will tell you that you can't! What you've got to do is turn around and say, "WATCH ME!"
 # 6  The  Classic  Touch!

If you think you have really good content that you had posted long ago, it's never wrong to post it back again. It's social media (Repetitions are very much allowed :D)


Dude! What if it's a re-post? You haven't copied content! It belongs to you and it's very much fine to bring it back again. Be it old photos or updates, you can always post it back when it has good content.
It's a good to share good old times!

# 7  Have  Fun!

Be social. Live the moment! Don't keep a serious face and scream at everything possible.
If you can't have fun, there's no sense in doing it.


Fun is good after all. Sometimes, if you start to strictly follow all the rules, it gets boring and you miss out all the fun. Don't be over conscious and think too much about what people might think. Just make sure it's all fine and keep going! No regrets!

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