Tuesday, 11 February 2014


A few days ago, when we were having a little chit-chat session at our office, we were discussing about jobs and employment. At one point, we started chatting about how people put up bizarre titles and headlines for their designation. It's become more of a fun-thing to add a funky designation to a professional profile! By the time we ended our chat session, it was like stepping out from a session of laughter therapy. Seriously! Now that being said, we thought we'd give you some of that therapy for free too!

Here are the most silly and stupid seven titles we found. We're pretty sure there are a lot more like these!

#1  Community Wizard

Wizard? Really? They’re casting spells on people now? Inspired by Harry Potter huh?

#2 Social Media Engager

Oh come on! “Social” by itself means to engage with people and almost every professional in social media certainly does that! What's so special about this now?

#3  Brand Warrior

WoW! Looks like they’ve been in some tough battles. Keep swinging soldier!

#4  Brand Champion

Champion... alright. They never told us who they competed against to be considered 'The Champion’! It's more like they came second in a race when there where only two people participating.

#5  Conversation Manager

Does this mean they are constantly monitoring everyone’s conversations? Well isn't that called Eve's dropping?

#6  Social Media Assassin

Plotting to kill someone? Grow up! Social Media and Assassi? Who have they killed in the virtual world to earn their stripes? Sorry, we don't consider game addicts!

#7  Thoughtsmith

Do they spend their whole day just thinking? Thinking is good. But how about considering a little acting too? Get moving!

So, how was it? Sometimes, people don't really understand the importance of a headline, right?

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