Monday, 31 March 2014


Why be “just fine” when you can be awesome online? Try out at least one of our social media tricks and watch what happens to your posts online! Entrepreneurs and marketers are always looking for social media tricks to give them an edge on their competition and to attract more people to their social media sites.

#1  Give people a peek into your life outside of your work

Let’s just face it – we are all voyeurs and often wonder, “What does that person do when they are not talking business?” This is a good strategy because you will find people being attracted to you because of a shared interest or passion. 

#2  Use humor 

Being serious all the time is boring. Adding some laugh increases engagement levels. Again, a way for others to connect easily to you and a really simple social media trick to use. Try scanning Pinterest for some ideas – that’s a great place on the web to grab some interesting visuals.

#3  vCita pop-up box on your website.
Install a program like vCita on your website. Program it so it pops up when someone comes to your website. vCita, for instance, lets a visitor connect with you immediately and set up an appointment based on your calendar. Use it and do a free 30-minute call with anyone who wants to ask a question related to social media. Visitors simply choose a time that works for them, based on the availability that is put up on your calendar and who knows? Maybe they’ll turn out to be your client! Easy, engaging, and unobtrusive, right? 

TIP: If the visitor to your website chooses to close the tab, it won’t pop up for them again while they are on my website.

#4  Make your own quotes 
Quote all by yourself. You can use programs like Quozio. All you need to do is extract something brilliant from your blog posts and make a quote out of it. Quozio allows you to save all of your quotes and they have many different templates and fonts. You can share them on different social media sites. Something you wrote may go viral if you’re lucky!

#5  Ask for the like, or share, or subscription.
Don’t be shy. Especially if you make YouTube videos, you can put an annotation on your screen and say the words, “Please subscribe to my channel.” If you don’t ask, you probably won’t get the subscription, especially if you are new on social media.

That was simple right? You don't really need to do all of these at once. Like we said, just one at a time and that'll do the magic. Please don't hesitate to share any other tips with us!